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Monitoring Performance Goals


Network Service Designer provides comprehensive information about the performance of VNFs and their component network functions in the VNF catalog. Network Service Designer also tracks the aggregate performance of a network service that you are designing and saves the information to the network service catalog.

Minimizing the number of VNFs and VNF instances in a service chain optimizes the performance of a network service. For example, using one VNF instance for both NAT and firewall functions provides higher performance than using either separate instances of the same VNF or different VNFs to provide the functions.

You specify performance goals for the service when you create a request for a network service. When you are designing a service chain, you evaluate the performance of your design against the requested goals.

To monitor the performance of a service that you are designing:

  1. Click the right arrow in the Goals pane to view the performance goals.
  2. Add an ingress point to the first VNF in the service chain immediately after you assign that VNF to the first network function.
  3. Monitor the values in the Goals pane as you design your service chain.