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Adding On-Demand VPN Tunnels


An SP administrator or the Tenant administrator can create a VPN tunnel between a source site and destination site by using the CSO GUI in Customer Portal.

To create a VPN tunnel between the source site and a destination site:

  1. Select Sites> Site Management.

    The Sites page appears.

  2. Click the site to which you want to add VPN tunnels.

    The SiteName page appears.

  3. On the WAN tab, click +.

    The Add On-Demand VPN Tunnel page appears.

  4. Complete the configuration according to the guidelines Table 1.
  5. Click Ok to save the changes. If you want to discard the changes, click Cancel instead.

    A tunnel is created between the source site and a destination site.

Table 1: Fields on the On-demand VPN Tunnel page



Add Tunnel Threshold

Source Site

Displays the name of the source site.

Destination Site

Select the destination site from the list.

Delete Tunnel

Displays the threshold value (sessions closed) below which a tunnel is deleted between two sites.

Enable Threshold

By default, this toggle button is disabled. That is, even if the threshold value (sessions closed) is met, CSO does not delete VPN tunnels. You have to manually delete the VPN tunnel that you created.

Sessions Closed

Displays the number of sessions closed for 15 minutes.

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