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Managing a Single Site


You can use the Site-Name page to view the site details and to manage the site configurations for a single site. To access the page, click Sites > Site Management and click the site that you want to manage.

You can perform the following tasks from this page:

  • On the Overview tab, view detailed information about the tenant site, such as geographical location, connection details, device details, alarms, and alerts.
  • On the WAN tab, view detailed information about the WAN links, such as topology of the hub-site WAN links, total number of hub and spoke links, total number of applications, link utilization details, link metrics based on throughput, and the maximum bandwidth capacity of a WAN link in a site. Hover over the WAN link to view bandwidth capacity.

    You can add or delete a VPN tunnel between a source site and destination site. For more information about creating and deleting VPN tunnels between a source site and destination site, see Adding On-Demand VPN Tunnels and Deleting On-Demand VPN Tunnels.

    For sites owned by a tenant in a full mesh topology, you can view all the WAN link connections between WAN interfaces in all the sites. Click a site to see all connections between its WAN interfaces.

  • On the Services tab, view services, deploy network services, start a service, and disable services for a tenant site. You can also view the topology of the site.

    To deploy a network service to a site, select the service, and then select an attachment point in the topology graphic. Alternatively, drag and drop the network service to an attachment point in the topology graphic.

  • On the Policies tab, view the following details:
    • List of all policies applicable to a tenant site. Click the policy name to view the rules that are applicable for the tenant site. Click the edit icon at the end of the row to edit a policy. You are taken to the Configuration > Policy page, where you can edit the policies.

    • Details about the tenant user who last updated the policy.

    • Time when the policy was last updated.

    • Deployment status of the policy—deployed or not deployed.

    • Number of rules applicable to the site compared to the total number of rules applicable to the tenant.

  • On the LAN tab, view, create, deploy, and delete a LAN segment. In addition, you can use this tab to reassign a LAN segment to a different department. See Managing LAN Segments on a Tenant Site.
  • On the Devices tab, view a list of devices in your network. See About the Devices Page.