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Editing Tenant Information


You can edit a tenant configuration to modify service profiles and custom properties.

To edit a tenant:

  1. Click Tenants.

    The Tenants page appears.

  2. Select the tenant for which you want to modify service profiles or custom properties, and click the edit icon.

    The Edit Tenant page appears.

  3. Click Next twice to go to the Tenant Properties section. Note that you cannot edit the settings in the Tenant Info and Topology Info sections.

    The Tenant Properties section appears.

  4. Click > next to Service Profiles to add, edit, or delete service profiles information if you use a dedicated OpenStack Keystone for Contrail Service Orchestration in a centralized deployment.

    VIM Name

    Select the virtualized infrastructure manager (VIM) for the tenant. A tenant can be associated with multiple VIMs.

    Example: test-vim

    Service Profile Name

    Select the service profile that specifies the authentication information for the tenant. You configure the service profile when you create the VIM.

    Example: service-profile-for-test-vim

  5. Click > next to Custom Properties to add or delete custom properties information if you have set up a third-party provider edge (PE) device by using software other than Contrail Service Orchestration.


    Specify the type of information that you want to pass to a third-party router.

    Example: Location


    Specify the information that you want to pass to a third-party device.

    Example: Boston

  6. After you make the changes, click Next to view the changes in the Summary section.

    The Summary section appears.

  7. Review the changes and click OK to save the changes. To discard the changes, click Cancel.