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Contrail Service Orchestration Overview


Contrail Service Orchestration (CSO) is a software platform that designs, secures, automates and runs the entire service life cycle across NFX Series Network Services Platforms, MX Series Routers, and SRX Series Services Gateways, along with the vSRX Virtual Firewall available in public cloud marketplaces.

The solution supports both Juniper Networks and third-party virtualized network functions (VNFs). CSO provides a RESTful APIs to connect with service providers’ operational support systems (OSS) and business support systems (BSS) applications. It is responsible for many management and orchestration (MANO) activities in the deployment.

CSO features:

The following CSO components connect to Network Service Orchestrator through its RESTful API:

  • Administration Portal: GUI to manage resources, customers, and availability of network services. It uses the RESTful APIs of other Contrail Service Orchestration components.

  • Customer Portal: GUI to manage sites, customer premises equipment (CPE) devices, and network services for organizations.

The portals offer role-based access control (RBAC) for administrators and operators.

This guide provides information about installing and upgrading the Contrail Service Orchestration (CSO) Release 4.1.0 components.

CSO solution software:

  • Contrail Service Orchestrator (CSO): Includes both the Network Service Orchestrator (NSO) and Network Service Controller (NSC) to deploy, manage, and monitor CPE devices, and provide topology and CPE lifecycle management functionality.

  • CSO Network Service Controller: Includes only the controller layer of CSO to provide topology and CPE lifecycle management functionality, as well as site-to-site routing and reachability, but without the user interface layer. Typically used when integrating with another management system.

CSO Release 4.0.0 and later, you can install CSO by using the new installation GUI as well as through the CLI.


The GUI Installation option is available by default for a fresh installation from CSO Release 4.1.0. You can, however, use the CLI, if you prefer.


Currently, the upgrade process is not supported through the GUI.

Deployment types:

CSO 4.1 supports the following types of deployments:

  • Small Deployment—Manages approximately 500 devices. You cannot configure high availability with small deployments.

  • Medium Deployment—Manages approximately 3500 devices. High availability is supported on medium deployments.

  • Large Deployment—Manages approximately 6000 devices. High availability is support on large deployments.

For detailed information on configuring Contrail Service Orchestration, see Contrail Service Orchestration (CSO) Deployment Guide.