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Customer Portal Overview


You use Customer Portal to activate and manage sites, customer premises equipment (CPE) devices, and network services in your network. Your service provider sets up the network topology, assigns network services to you, and provides initial login credentials for Customer Portal. You can change your password through Customer Portal after you log in for the first time.

Your network uses one of the following deployment topologies:

  • A centralized deployment

    In a centralized deployment, virtualized network functions (VNFs) reside in a service provider’s cloud in a network point of presence (POP). Sites that access network services in this way are called cloud sites in this documentation.

  • A distributed deployment

    In the distributed deployment, VNFs reside on a CPE device located at a customer’s site. These sites are called on-premise sites in this documentation.

  • A combined centralized and distributed deployment

    In this deployment, your network contains both cloud sites and on-premise sites. VNFs for a cloud site reside in the service provider’s cloud and VNFs for an on-premise sites reside on the CPE device.

Each connection for a cloud site and each on-premise site can support one network service, although use of a network service on any connection or device is optional.


NFX250 devices activate automatically when you power them up and configure basic connectivity settings, and you do not need to activate these devices through Customer Portal. See the NFX250 documentation at: