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About the SSL Proxy Policy Page


To access this page, select Configuration > SSL Proxy > Policy in Customer Portal.

Use the SSL Proxy Policy page to view and manage SSL proxy policy intents. You can also deploy the SSL proxy policy immediately or schedule the deployment for later.

  • When an SSL proxy intent is deployed, the corresponding certificates used in the SSL profile (associated with the SSL proxy intent) are automatically deployed to the applicable sites.

  • If the application firewall (AppFW) service is not configured in the corresponding firewall policy intent, then the SSL forward proxy services are bypassed even if an SSL proxy profile is attached to a firewall policy. Therefore, ensure that AppFW is configured for the firewall policy intents that should go through SSL inspection. If AppFw is not included in the policy intent, this does not cause an error; however, the SSL proxy action does not take place even though sessions are matched.

Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following tasks from this page:

  • Create SSL proxy policy intents—See Creating SSL Proxy Policy Intents.

  • Edit, clone, or delete SSL proxy policy intents—See Editing, Cloning, and Deleting SSL Proxy Policy Intents.

  • Search for SSL proxy policy intents by using keywords—Click the search icon and enter the search term in the text box and press Enter. The search results are displayed on the same page.

  • Filter SSL proxy policy intents—Click the filter icon and select whether you want to show or hide column filters or apply a quick filter. Depending on your selection, you can filter the policy intents based on source, destination, or both, or view the filtered results. The filtered results are displayed on the same page.

  • Deploy the SSL proxy policy—See Deploying Policies.

Field Descriptions

Table 1 describes the fields on SSL Proxy Policy page.

Table 1: SSL Proxy Policy Page Fields



Total Intents

Total number of policy intents in the SSL proxy policy.


Number of SSL proxy policy intents that have not yet been deployed.

For each SSL proxy policy intent, the following information is displayed in a grid:


Source endpoints to which an SSL proxy policy intent applies.


Destination endpoints to which an SSL proxy policy intent applies..

SSL Proxy Profile

Name of the SSL proxy profile associated with the policy intent.


Name and description of the SSL proxy policy intent.

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