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About the Application SLA Profiles Page


To access this page, select Configuration > SD-WAN > Application SLA Profiles in the Customer Portal.

You can use the Application SLA Profiles page to view information about service-level agreement (SLA) profiles for the tenant profile in which you are logged in.

Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following tasks from this page:

  • View details of SLA profiles for all tenants.

  • Create an SLA profile for the tenant. See Creating SLA Profiles.

  • Edit the configuration of or delete an existing SLA profile. See Editing and Deleting SLA Profiles.

  • Show or hide columns that contain information about SLA profiles. See Sorting Objects.

  • Search for SLA profiles using keywords. Click the search icon. Enter partial text or full text of the keyword in the search bar and press Enter. The search results are displayed.

Field Descriptions

Table 1 shows the descriptions of the fields on the Application SLA Profiles page.

Table 1: Fields on the Application SLA Profiles Page




Displays the SLA profile priority.


Displays the SLA profile name.

Traffic Type Profile

Displays the traffic type profile associated with the SLA profile.

Path Preference

Displays whether there is a preferred path for the SLA profile.


Indicates whether failover is enabled for the SLA profile.

Packet Loss (%)

Displays the target packet loss for the SLA profile.

Jitter (ms)

Displays the target jitter for the SLA profile.


Displays the target round-trip time (RTT) for the SLA profile.

Throughput (Mbps)

Displays the target throughput for the SLA profile.

SLA Probe Match

Displays whether the profile requires the SLA probe to match all SLA criteria (All) or not (Any) .

Created by

Displays the name of the user that created the SLA profile.