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About the VIMs Page


To access this page, click Resources > POPs > POP Name > VIMs.

You can use the VIMs page to create a virtualized infrastructure manager (VIM) and to view information about VIMs provisioned in the POP. The VIM in a Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) implementation manages the hardware and software resources that the service provider uses to create service chains and deliver network services to customers.

Tasks You Can Perform

You can perform the following tasks from this page:

  • Quickly view important data about VIMs created for POPs in the widgets that appear at the top of the page. See Table 1.

  • Create a Cloud VIM. See Creating a Cloud VIM.

  • Select a different POP from the drop-down list above the top left of the table to view the VIM details in grid view.

  • View details about a VIM. Click the details icon that appears when you hover over the name of a VIM instance. See Viewing Object Details.

  • Show or hide columns about the VIMs. See Sorting Objects.

  • Search an object about the VIMs. See Searching for Text in an Object Data Table.

Field Descriptions

  • Table 1 describes the widgets on the VIMs page.

  • Table 2 shows the fields on the VIMs page.

Table 1: Widgets on the VIMs Page



Top VIMs by CPU Allocation

View the top VIMs using the largest percentage of CPU from the assigned cores.

Top VIMs by Storage Allocation

View the top VIMs using the most storage from the allocated storage space in gigabytes (GB).

Top VIMs by Memory Allocation

View the top VIMs using the most memory from the allocated memory size in megabytes (MB).

Table 2: Fields on the VIMs Page




View the name of the VIM in the POP.

IP Address

View the IP address of the primary Contrail Configure and Control node for the Contrail Cloud Reference Architecture (CCRA) for this POP.

CPU Allocated

View the amount of CPU cores allocated to the POP by the VIM.

Memory Allocated

View the amount of memory allocated to the POP by the VIM.

Storage Allocated

View the amount of storage allocated to the POP by the VIM.


View the name of the OpenStack domain that you configured.


View the vendor name of the VIM instance.


View the uniform resource locator (URL) for the OpenStack Keystone.


View the number of OpenStack tenants in the POP.