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Uploading a License File


To upload a license file:

  1. Click Administration > Licenses.

    The License Files page appears.

  2. Click the plus icon (+).

    The Add Licenses page appears.

  3. In the License File field, specify the location of the license file that you want to upload. Alternatively, you can click Browse to navigate to the file location and select the file.

    Note Each license file should contain only one license key.

  4. (Optional) From the Tenants list, select the tenant to which you want to associate the license file.

    If you associate a license with a tenant, you can apply that license only to devices that belong to that tenant. If a tenant has licenses associated with the tenant, when a device is activated during ZTP, a matching license from the licenses associated with the tenant is downloaded to the device.

    You can apply a license that is not associated with a tenant to any device of any of the tenants. During ZTP, when a device is activated for a tenant that does not have any license associated with it, a matching license from the licenses that are not associated with any tenant is downloaded to the device.

  5. In the Description field, enter a description for the license that you want to upload.
  6. Click OK to upload the license.

    You are returned to the License Files page.

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