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Setting Up the Cloud CPE Centralized Deployment Model with Administration Portal

In the Cloud CPE Centralized Deployment Model, end users at a specific customer site access most network services in a regional point of presence (POP), while accessing a few specialist network services in the central POP.

You use the following workflow to set up the Cloud CPE Centralized Deployment Model with Administration Portal:

  1. Create the POPs and associated resources. See Creating a Single POP and Importing Data for Multiple POPs.

    • You must create a VIM for each POP.

    • You can add an MX Series router as a physical network element (PNE) to provide a Layer 3 routing service to customer sites through use of virtual routing and forwarding (VRF) instances.

    • You add the Junos Space element management system (EMS) if you use a VNF that requires this EMS.

  2. Add customers. See Adding a Single Tenant and Importing Data for Multiple Tenants.

  3. Create and configure sites for each customer, if you add customers one at a time, rather than importing data for multiple tenants:

    • You must create each site individually. You can create the following sites:

      • On-Premise sites—required for all customer sites.

      • Cloud sites—required for all service providers.

      • Data Center—Only required for a network in which users access the Internet through the corporate VPN.

    • If you configured a PNE in Step 1, then associate the PNE with the site and configure a VRF for each customer site. See Configuring VRFs and PNE Details for a Site in a Centralized Deployment

  4. Allocate network services to customers. See Allocating a Service to Tenants

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