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CSE2000 Overview


Juniper Networks Carrier-Grade Service Engine (CSE) is a solution that enables Juniper Networks PTX5000 Packet Transport Routers and Juniper Networks PTX3000 Packet Transport Routers to provide high-performance flow monitoring and accounting services. The CSE2000 device is tethered to the PTX Series routers and provides support for active flow monitoring version 9. The CSE2000 allows scaling of control plane and service plane, without adding components to the existing PTX Series routers.

Using the CSE2000 tethered to a PTX Series router, you can perform the following operations:

  • Traffic sampling—You can create a copy of traffic and send it to the CSE2000, which performs flow accounting while the PTX Series router forwards the packet to its original destination.

  • Active flow monitoring—Active monitoring implies that flow monitoring is carried out on the same router (the CSE2000 is treated as a part of the router) that forwards the packets being monitored.

  • Flow aggregation—You can collect an aggregate of sampled flows and send the aggregate to a specified host that runs the version 9 format defined in RFC 3954, Cisco Systems NetFlow Services Export Version 9. With the version 9 format, you can sample MPLS, IPv4, and IPv6 traffic.