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What's New


This section describes the new features and enhancements to existing features in this release.

  • Layer 3 overlay support—Starting in cRPD Release 19.4R1, you can configure routing instances of type vrf using static routes, BGP labeled unicast, MPLS static label-switched paths, and programmable-rpd APIs on a cRPD instance for PE-PE connectivity to provide Layer 3 overlay support.

    [See Understanding Layer 3 Overlay support in cRPD.]

  • Multitopology routing support—Starting in cRPD Release 19.4R1, you can configure multitopology routing (MTR) in BGP, IS-IS, and OSPFv2 protocols for different topologies.

    [See Understanding Multitopology in cRPD.]

  • MPLS support—Starting in cRPD Release 19.4R1, you can configure MPLS forwarding using static label-switched paths, BGP labeled unicast, and programmable-rpd API in cRPD.

    [See Understanding MPLS support in cRPD.]

  • Juniper Agile Licensing (cRPD) - Starting in cRPD Release 19.4R1, Juniper Agile Licensing supports the containerized routing protocol (cRPD) process.

    Juniper Agile Licensing provides simplified and centralized license administration and deployment. Using Juniper Agile Licensing, you can install and manage licenses for hardware and software features.

    You need new license keys to use the licenses for cRPD features. Contact Customer Care for exchanging license keys of cRPD releases earlier than cRPD Release 19.4R1.

    [See Supported Features on cRPD, Juniper Agile Licensing Guide, and Managing cRPD Licenses]

Supported Features on cRPD

The following features are supported on cRPD:

  • BGP route reflector in the Linux container

  • BGP add-path, multipath, graceful restart helper mode

  • BGP, OSPF, OSPFv3, IS-IS, and Static

  • BMP, BFD, and Linux-FIB

  • Equal-cost multipath (ECMP) support

  • JET for programmable RPD

  • Junos CLI

  • Management using open interfaces, NETCONF and SSH

  • IPv4 and IPv6 routing

[See cRPD Deployment Guide for Linux Server.]

cRPD Licensing

You require a license to activate cRPD software features. cRPD supports 1-year and 3-year subscription models only.

[See Juniper Flex Program Support for Juniper Products.]