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Setting Up the Undercloud


Follow this topic to setup the undercloud for a Contrail Networking deployment with RHOSP 16.

Follow this topic to setup the undercloud for a Contrail Networking deployment with RHOSP 16.

Contrail Networking was enhanced to operate with hosts using Red Hat Virtualization (RHV) in Contrail Networking Release 21.4. Prior to this enhancement, Contrail Networking was supported in environments with hosts using Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) only.

These instructions apply to both environments.

Install the Undercloud

Use this example procedure to install the undercloud.

  1. Log in to the undercloud VM from the undercloud KVM host.
  2. Configure the hostname.
  3. Add the hostname to the /etc/hosts file. The following example assumes the management interface is eth0.
  4. Set up the repositories.


  5. Install the Tripleo client.
  6. Copy the undercloud configuration file sample and modify the configuration as required. See Red Hat documentation for information on how to modify that file.
  7. Install the undercloud.
  8. If you are using a satellite for deployment, manually update the hostname and satellite IP addresses in your /etc/hosts/ file.

    To perform this procedure using the VI editor:

    and manually enter your hostname and satellite IP address in the file while using the editor.

    This step ensures that the overcloud deployment is successful later in the procedure.

    You should also perform this step if the overcloud deployment fails later in the procedure and a failed lookup URL message appears on the console as the reason.

    A sample failed lookup URL error message when you experience this issue:.

Perform Post-Install Configuration

  1. Configure a forwarding path between the provisioning network and the external network:
  2. Add the external API interface:
  3. Add the stack user to the docker group:
  4. Manually add the satellite IP address and hostname into the /etc/hosts/ file.