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Preparing to Deploy Contrail by Using Juju Charms


Follow these steps to prepare for deployment:

  1. Install Juju.
  2. Configure Juju.

    You can add a cloud to Juju, identify clouds supported by Juju, and also manage clouds already added to Juju.

    • Adding a cloud—Juju recognizes a wide range of cloud types. You can use any one of the following methods to add a cloud to Juju:

      • Adding a Cloud by Using Interactive Command

        Example: Adding an MAAS cloud to Juju


        Juju 2.x is compatible with MAAS series 1.x and 2.x.

      • Adding a Cloud Manually

        You use a YAML configuration file to add a cloud manually. Enter the following command:

        For an example, to add the cloud junmaas, assuming that the name of the configuration file in the directory is maas-clouds.yaml, you run the following command:

        The following is the format of the YAML configuration file:


        The auth-types for a MAAS cloud type is oauth1.

    • Identifying a supported cloud

      Juju recognizes the cloud types given below. You use the juju clouds command to list cloud types that are supported by Juju.

  3. Create a Juju controller.

    A Juju controller manages and keeps track of applications in the Juju cloud environment.