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Service Chaining MX Series Configuration


This topic shows how to extend service chaining to the MX Series routers.

To configure service chaining for MX Series routers, extend the virtual networks to the MX Series router and program routes so that traffic generated from a host connected to the router can be routed through the service.

  1. The following configuration snippet for an MX Series router has a left virtual network called enterprise and a right virtual network called public. The configuration creates two routing instances with loopback interfaces and route targets.
  2. The following configuration snippet shows the configuration for the loopback interfaces.
  3. The following configuration snippet shows the configuration to enable BGP. The neighbor and neighbor are control nodes.
  4. The final step is to add target:100:10000 to the public virtual network and target:100:20000 to the enterprise virtual network, using the Contrail Juniper Networks interface.

A full MX Series router configuration for Contrail can be seen in Sample Network Configuration for Devices for Simple Tiered Web Application.