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Deploy Contrail Charms in a Bundle


Follow these steps to deploy Contrail Charms in a bundle.

  1. Deploy Contrail Charms.

    To deploy Contrail Charms in a bundle, use the juju deploy <bundle_yaml_file> command.

    The following example shows you how to use bundle_yaml_file to deploy Contrail on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.

    You can create or modify the Contrail Charm deployment bundle YAML file to:

    • Point to machines or instances where the Contrail Charms must be deployed.

    • Include the options you need.

      Each Contrail Charm has a specific set of options. The options you choose depend on the charms you select. For more information on the options that are available, see Options for Juju Charms.

  2. (Optional) Check the status of deployment.

    You can check the status of the deployment by using the juju status command.

  3. Enable configuration statements.

    Based on your deployment requirements, you can enable the following configuration statements: