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Configuring Fast Convergence from Contrail Command


This topic describes how to configure fast convergence.

To configure fast convergence:

  1. Navigate to the Infrastructure > Cluster > and click Advanced Options.
  2. From the Global Config tab, click Edit System Configuration.
    Figure 1: Configure Fast Convergence Parameters
    Configure Fast Convergence Parameters
    • Fast Convergence—Select this check box to enable convergence.

    • NH Reachability—Select this check box to preform next-hop reachability check for gateway and vRouter. This field is displayed only if the Fast Convergence check box is selected.

    • XMPP Hold Time—Enter a value in the range 1—90 in seconds. The XMPP hold time is used to detect vRouter failures. The timer expires when there is a vRouter failure, and the same is propagated to the control node, which in turn initiates convergence.


    Before you enable next-hop reachability check for fast convergence, make sure that BGP peering between the spines and control nodes is enabled for family inet/inet6 to exchange tunnel endpoint IP addresses. Also, enable redistribution of /32 vRouter host addresses from the underlay routing table to BGP.

  3. Click Save to complete the configuration.