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Replace a Device in RMA State with a New Device


This topic provides instructions to replace a device in RMA state with a new device by using the Contrail Command user interface.

  1. Click Infrastructure > Fabrics.

    The Fabrics page is displayed.

  2. Click the name of the fabric you want to edit.

    The Fabric devices page is displayed listing all the devices on the fabric.

  3. To select the device you want to replace, select the check box next to the name of the device.Note

    You can only replace devices that are in RMA state. To move a device to RMA state, see Move a Device to RMA State.

  4. Click Action list and select RMA Replacement.

    The RMA Replacement page is displayed.

    The name and the serial number of the device in RMA state are displayed in the fields that are greyed out.

  5. Enter the serial number of the new device in the Serial Number field.
  6. Click Replace to confirm.

    The Fabric Devices page is displayed listing the device you just added.