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Health Check of Transparent Service Chain


Contrail Networking enhances service chain redundancy by implementing an end-to-end health check for the transparent service chain. The service health check monitors the status of the service chain and if there is a failure, the control node no longer considers the service chain as a valid next hop, triggering traffic failover.

A segment-based health check is used to verify the health of a single instance in a transparent service chain. The user creates a service-health-check object, with type segment-based, and attaches it to either the left or right interface of the service instance. The service health check packet is injected to the interface to which it is attached. When the packet comes out of the other interface, a reply packet is injected on that interface. If health check requests fail after 30-second retries, the service instance is considered unhealthy and the service VLAN routes of the left and right interfaces are removed. When the agent receives health check replies successfully, it adds the retracted routes back onto both interfaces, which triggers the control node to start reoriginating routes to other service instances on that service chain.

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