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Resolved Issues

This section lists limitations that are fixed with this release. Bug numbers are listed and can be researched in Launchpad at .

  • 1542648 Many error logs of type "VrResponseMsg Error: Invalid object parameters".
  • 1544380 Agent crash at DBPartition::QueueRunner::Run.
  • 1547735 With vCenter, vrouter-agent crashes with no events.
  • 1458194 [R2.20.21 Juno] TOR agent crashes at CompositeNHKey::ExpandLocalCompositeNH(Agent*).
  • 1494638 vRouter not working issue on upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04.
  • 1527427 Agent crash in AgentRoute::FindLocalVmPortPath().
  • 1528380 Collector back pressure not working.
  • 1528950 Schema transformer (ST) crashing and leaking VN IDs.
  • 1529665 Control node not advertising inclusive muticast route into the EVPN toward the MX.
  • 1529829 MPLS and multicast traffic is dropping at VRFs.
  • 1531436 The Fabric replication tree is not present in a VRF.
  • 1531556 Agent double free memory corruption crash in XmppChannelMux::WriteReady.
  • 1533435 Contrail-control crash at StaticRouteMgr<StaticRouteInet>::ProcessStaticRouteConfig.
  • 1533495 Agent crash in virtual tbb::task* TaskImpl::execute().
  • 1535923 Schema transformer could crash after upgrading from 2.0 if there are any stale service chains.
  • 1538789 [SYMC] VM not reachable for some time following a corresponding vRouter crash.
  • 1539397 The flow -l gets into an infinite loop with a repeated flow entry index.
  • 1541658 The bridge table of allowed-address-pair is corrupted after live-migration.
  • 1542681 Agent crashes due to DB route addition being processed after VRF is deleted.
  • 1543534 Vrouter crashes when mirroring is configured through Heat.
  • 1543901 The route path list is getting modified from two threads at the same time, resulting in path list sanity issues and causing a crash.
  • 1543936 VM launch is failing due to _vrouter_port_add failing.
  • 1544947 System shouldn’t check admin only role for all projects at login, discard endpoint data received in token.
  • 1545824 With allowed address pair (AAP), a MAC address is not populated when added with Contrail GUI.
  • 1546722 SNAT default route not added to SI due to schema error.
  • 1546958 For service template, ECMP doesn't work if service VM instances are in the same compute node.
  • 1547178 A contrail-control node crash in virtual BgpPeer::~BgpPeer.
  • 1547501 Bidirectional UDP traffic results in HOLD flows in the compute node.
  • 1552784 An agent crash at FlowTable::InsertByIndex.
  • 1552899 Schema transformer crash when it receives route_target_list for a VN, if the VN has already been deleted.
  • 1554246 Agent crash at FlowDataIpv4::set_sg_rule_uuid.
  • 1554813 Upgrade to 2.22.x on HA cluster fails.
  • 1555257 Agent gets stuck when global-vrouter-config is deleted.
  • 1556353 Database backup is not skipping an item identified with key_space.
  • 1476503 With Tempest, creating a port with an empty security group (SG) list does not result in an empty SG list.
  • 1491644 A BMS ping to a BMS fails due to an ARP response from vhost0.
  • 1499129 A contrail-collector and contrail-query-engine crash.
  • 1525368 The schema is stuck in 'initializing' state after upgrade from r2.1-55.
  • 1528808 TBB latency measurements are not logged.
  • 1532666 System should not check the admin role for all tenants at login.
  • 1541129 A vCenter-as-compute service instance deletion failed.
  • 1542051 Improve schema transformer scaling by processing networks and interfaces at the end of the ifmap initial search.
  • 1542558 With high availability (HA}, the setup-vnc-galera failed, and the sql db is in lockwait on openstack nodes.
  • 1543296 The LBaaS scheduler should not use a hardcoded tenant_name.
  • 1545233 A wrong check is in the allowed address pair comparator.
  • 1547645 Modify LBaaS custom attributes to support multiple certificate managers.
  • 1549941 Keystone v3 cannot list neutron ports and policies, due to changes in calling the admin role context.
  • 1536112 Agent crash due to exception.
  • 1536729 A contrail-control crash in UpdateQueue::Dequeue from BgpExport::Export.
  • 1539280 Reverse flow getting a wrong ECMP index.

Modified: 2016-04-06