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    Installing the Contrail Packages, Part Two (CentOS or Ubuntu) — Installing on the Remaining Machines

    Preinstallation Checklist

    Note: This procedure assumes that you have first completed the following procedures:

    And the following system tasks are accomplished:

    • All of the servers are time synced.
    • All servers can ping from one to another, both on management and on data and control, if part of the system.
    • All servers can ssh and scp between one another.
    • All host names are resolvable.
    • If using CentOS or RHEL, SELinux has been disabled (/etc/sysconfig/selinux).

    Each step in this procedure contains instructions for installing on a CentOS system or an Ubuntu system. Be sure to follow the instructions specific to your operating system.

    To copy and install Contrail packages on the remaining machines in your cluster, you can use scp and yum localinstall as on the first server (for CentOS) or scp and dpkg -I (for Ubuntu), as in Installing the Contrail Packages, Part One (CentOS or Ubuntu), or you can use a Fabric utility to copy onto all machines at once, as follows:

    1. Ensure that the file has been created and populated with information specific to your cluster at /opt/contrail/utils/fabfile/testbeds.

      See Populating the Testbed Definitions File.

    2. Run Fabric commands to install packages as follows:

      CentOS: /opt/contrail/utils/fab install_pkg_all:/tmp/contrail-install-packages-1.xx-xxx~openstack_version..el6.noarch.rpm

      Ubuntu: /opt/contrail/utils/fab install_pkg_all:/tmp/contrail-install-packages-1.xx-xxx~openstack_version_all.deb

      Note: Fab commands are always run from /opt/contrail/utils/.

    3. Ubuntu: The recommended Kernel version for Ubuntu based system is 3.13.0-40. Nodes can be upgraded to kernel version 3.13.0-40 using below fabric-utils command​:

      fab upgrade_kernel_all

      Note: This step upgrades the kernel version to 3.13.0-40 in all nodes and performs reboot. Reconnect to perform remaining tasks. ​

    4. Install the required Contrail packages in each node of the cluster:

      fab install_contrail

      Note: To install Contrail with an existing OpenStack node:

      fab install_without_openstack     # Script will install nova-compute in the compute node


      fab install_without_openstack:no  # User installs nova-compute in the compute node

    5. If your installation has multiple interfaces (see Supporting Multiple Interfaces on Servers and Nodes), run setup_interface:

      fab setup_interface

    6. Provision the entire cluster:

      fab setup_all

      Note: To provision Contrail with an existing OpenStack node, use one of the following:

      • fab setup_without_openstack   # Script provisions vrouter and nova-compute services in the compute nodes and the compute nodes are rebooted on completion
      • fab setup_without_openstack:no   # Only vrouter services are provisioned, the nova-compute service is not provisioned and compute nodes are rebooted on completion
      • fab setup_without_openstack:no,False   # Only vrouter services are provisioned, the nova-compute service is not provisioned and the compute nodes are not rebooted on complet
    7. CentOS only: Alternatively, if the contrail-install-packages is already installed (as part of installing the Contrail ISO via netboot), follow steps 2, 4, and 5.

    When finished, you can proceed to Configuring the Control Node.


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    Modified: 2015-11-02