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    Deleting a Virtual Network–OpenStack Contrail

    You can delete any of the virtual networks in your system. However, you must first disassociate any virtual machines (instances) that are associated with that network. The following procedure shows how to delete a virtual network when using OpenStack.

    1. To view virtual machines that are associated with a virtual network, in the OpenStack module, access the Project tab and click Networking. The Networks screen appears; see Figure 1.

      Figure 1: OpenStack Networks

      OpenStack Networks
    2. At the Networks screen, click the network to be deleted.

      The Network Detail screen appears; see Figure 2.

      Figure 2: OpenStack Network Detail , Associated Instances Tab

      OpenStack Network Detail , Associated
Instances Tab
    3. Click the Associated Instances tab to see the instances associated with this network.

      Make note of the IP addresses of any instances that are associated with this network.

    4. In the Project tab, select Instances.

      The Instances screen appears, displaying the instances associated with the current project; see Figure 3.

      Figure 3: Instances

    5. On the Instances screen, click the check box for any instance that is associated with the network that you want to delete, then click the Terminate Instances button to delete the instance.
    6. When all instances that are associated with the network to be deleted have been terminated, delete the network.

      To delete a network, return to the Networks screen (see Figure 1), select the network to be deleted, then click the Delete Networks button in the upper right.

    Modified: 2015-09-02