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    Allocating a Floating IP Address to a Virtual Machine

    If you have configured a floating IP address pool, you can use the following procedure to allocate the pool to a VM instance.

    1. In the Contrail controller module, start at Configure > Networking > Allocate Floating IPs.

      Make sure your project is displayed (active) in the upper right. Click to select the virtual network that has the floating IP pool; see Figure 1.

      Figure 1: Allocate Floating IPs

      Allocate Floating IPs
    2. In Allocated Floating IPs, click the Allocate button.

      The Allocate Floating IP window appears; see Figure 2. .

      Figure 2: Allocate Floating IP

      Allocate Floating IP
    3. Select from a drop-down list the name of the floating IP pool. The floating IP pool is shared among multiple projects. Click Save.
    4. Once the floating IP pool has been allocated, you can associate or disassociate it from instance addresses. In Allocate Floating IPs, click to select the floating IP pool you want to use, then in the Actions column, click and select the Associate option.

      The Associate Floating IP to Instance window appears; see Figure 3

      Figure 3: Associate Floating IP to Instance

      Associate Floating IP to Instance
    5. In the Instance field, select from a drop-down list the UUID of the VM instance to associate with the selected floating IP, and click Save to finish.

    Modified: 2015-09-02