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    contrail-status (Viewing Node Status)


    [root@host ~]# contrail-status

    Release Information

    Command introduced in Contrail Release 1.0.


    Display a list of all components of a Contrail server node (such as control, configuration, database, Web-UI, analytics, or vrouter) and report their current status of active or inactive.

    Required Privilege Level


    Sample Output

    The following example usage displays on a server that is configured for the roles of analytics, configuration, web-ui, and database. It is not configured with the roles control or vrouter.

    Sample Output

    root@host> contrail-status
    VRouter is NOT PRESENT 
    Agent is NOT PRESENT
    == Control node ==
    supervisor-control:           active
    contrail-control              active
    supervisor-dns:               active
    contrail-dns                  active
    contrail-named                active
    == Analytics ==
    supervisor-analytics:         active
    contrail-analytics-nodemgr    active
    contrail-collector            active
    contrail-opserver             active
    contrail-qe                   active
    redis-query                   active
    redis-sentinel                active
    redis-uve                     active
    == Contrail API server ==
    supervisor-config:            active
    contrail-api                  active
    contrail-discovery            active
    contrail-schema               active
    contrail-svc-monitor          active
    ifmap                         active
    == Contrail quantum ==
    == Contrail Web UI ==
    supervisor-webui:             active
    contrail-webui                active
    contrail-webui-middleware     active
    == Contrail Database ==
    contrail-database             active

    Modified: 2013-09-17