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Upgrading Contrail Command using Backup Restore Procedure


You cannot use the SQL data with the new version of Contrail Command container if the database schema changes while upgrading Contrail Command container.

You can resolve the issue by:

  1. Back up SQL database in yaml format db dump.

    Run the following command on the Contrail Command node to backup the DB.

    docker exec contrail_command contrailutil convert --intype rdbms --outtype yaml --out /etc/contrail/db.yml -c /etc/contrail/contrail.yml; mkdir ~/backups; mv /etc/contrail/db.yml ~/backups/
  2. Upgrade the Contrail Command container.

    Specify the desired version of Contrail Command container (container_tag) in the deployer input file (command_servers.yml) and deploy playbook.

    You must use PostgreSQL in the command_servers.yml file.

    docker run -td --net host -v <ABSOLUTE_PATH_OF_COMMAND_SERVERS_FILE>:/command_servers.yml --privileged --name contrail_command_deployer_<BUILD_NO><BUILD_NO>
  3. Modify the yaml formatted db dump by adding or removing the fields as per the new database schema.
  4. Restore the modified yaml formatted db dump to the SQL database.
    docker exec contrail_command mkdir /root/backups

    docker cp /root/backups/db.yml contrail_command:/root/backups/

    docker exec contrail_command contrailutil convert --intype yaml --in ~/backups/db.yml --outtype rdbms -c /etc/contrail/contrail.yml

If the restore procedure fails because of schema mismatch, repeat Step 3 and Step 4 with incremental db dump changes.