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Upgrading Contrail on Windows


This topic describes how to prepare for upgrading Contrail on Windows hosts.


This procedure removes Windows Contrail, along with any containers, networks, and configuration. The redeployment procedure configures all the services correctly. However, the containers and networks must be recreated manually.

Upgrading Contrail on Windows consists of two steps:

  • cleanup of compute nodes

  • redeployment using Ansible playbooks


You can either reimage the contrail nodes or use the playbook that is used to remove Contrail (contrail-ansible-deployer/playbooks/contrail_destroy.yml).

This topic describes how to prepare the compute notes by cleaning up the existing deployment.

  1. Run the Clear-ComputeNode.ps1 script from tools repository for each Windows compute node that needs to be upgraded.

    Use the following code snippet to run script easily on the Windows machine:

    Refer the README to understand how to use the script.


    You can use Invoke-ScriptInRemoteSessions.ps1 script from the tools repository to execute the cleanup script on multiple remote nodes at the same time.

  2. Follow the deployment procedure described in Running Contrail Ansible Deployer for Windows.