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Configuring Contrail Ansible Deployer


This topic describes how to provision contrail with Windows computes.

  1. Download Ansible Deployer from the Contrail Software Downloads page. Ansible Deployer package is listed under Application Tools.
  2. Extract the package and edit the config/instances.yaml file. You can view the following sample instances.yaml files in the contrail-ansible-deployer directory:
    • Use the config/instances.yaml.bms_win_example file if you have already deployed Contrail controller and you only want to set up Windows compute nodes.

    • Use the config/instances.yaml.bms_win_full_example file if you want to deploy Contrail controller, OpenStack, and Windows compute nodes together. You can use this file if you want to use Keystone for authentication.

    • Use the config/instances.yaml.bms_win_no_openstack_example file if you want to deploy Contrail controller (without OpenStack) and Windows compute nodes together.

    Sample instances.yaml File

  3. Note the IP addresses of the CentOS and Windows hosts.
    • For Windows computes, use bms_win dict instead of regular bms.

    • You need to add vrouter and win_cnm_plugin roles for Windows compute nodes.

    • Set WINDOWS_PHYSICAL_INTERFACE as data plane interface name. You can run the Get-NetAdapter command from PowerShell to list the available interfaces on the Windows compute node. If your compute nodes have only one interface, specify that interface. Else, you can split data plane and control planes between two interfaces. See to Contrail documentation for more information about data plane and control plane separation.

    • If the interface name contains spaces, enclose it within quotation marks.

  4. Configure Contrail Controller. See Contrail-Ansible-Deployer wiki for more information.

    If you want to use keystone as authentication service on controller,

    • Add openstack-* roles to the controller node and set CLOUD_ORCHESTRATOR to openstack.

    • Enter the Keystone credentials and Kolla config. See config/instances.yaml.bms_win_full_example for a sample configuration information.

    Else, set CLOUD_ORCHESTRATOR to none.