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Configuring Virtual Port Groups


This topic describes how to create virtual port groups from Contrail Command UI.

To create virtual port groups:

  1. Navigate to Overlay > Virtual Port Group > Create Virtual Port Group.

    The Create Virtual Port Group page is displayed.

  2. Enter the VLAN ID and network to which the VLAN is associated and select a security group to which the VLAN is to be attached.

    You can select multiple VLANs to include in the virtual port group. Based on the need, you can add or remove VLANs from virtual port group by using the Edit Virtual Port Group function.

  3. Select the fabric from the Fabric Name list.

    The available physical interfaces on the devices in the selected fabric are listed.

  4. From the Available Physical Interface box, select the physical interfaces to be included in the virtual port group by clicking the arrow next each physical interface. The available physical interfaces are the interfaces available on TORs that are already onboarded.

    The selected interfaces are displayed in the Assigned Physical Interface box.

    If you select more than one interface on the same TOR as shown in Figure 1, a link aggregation group (LAG) is automatically created on the device.

    Figure 1: Select Interfaces on the Same TOR
    Select Interfaces on the Same TOR
  5. Click Create.

    The newly created virtual port group is displayed on the Virtual Port Group page with details of the interfaces and the TORs as shown in Figure 2.

    Figure 2: Virtual Port Groups
    Virtual Port Groups

    You can delete a virtual port group by clicking the delete icon against the virtual port group. To delete a virtual port group, you must first remove the referenced VMI and the associated BMS instance from the virtual port group.

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