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Configuring BGPaaS from Contrail Web UI


To configure BGPaaS within a tenant:

  1. Select Configure > Services > BGP as a Service from the Contrail Web User Interface (UI). The BGP as a Service page is displayed.
  2. Click the + button on the BGPaaS page. The Create BGP as a Service page is displayed. See Figure 1.
    Figure 1: Create BGP as a Service
    Create BGP as a Service
  3. In the Create BGPaaS page, populate the fields with the following values to create your service.




    Enter a name for the BGP service The name can be a unique string of not more than 15 characters that contains alphanumeric characters and hyphen (-).

    IP Address

    Enter the IPv4 or IPv6 source-address on the BGPaaS VM.

    Virtual Machine Interface

    Enter IP address of a virtual machine interface.

    Address Family

    Choose inet or inet6 from the Address Family list according to your requirement.

    Autonomous System

    Enter AS number in the range 1- 65,534.

    Advanced Options


    Hold Time

    Enter the maximum time a BGP session remains active if no Keepalives are received.

    Admin State

    Select the Admin state box to enable the state as UP and deselect the box to disable the state to DOWN.

  4. Click Save to create the BGP object.