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Understanding Data Center Interconnect


You can automate data center interconnect (DCI) of two different data centers. Multiple tenants connected to a logical router in a data center can exchange routes with tenants connected to a logical router in another data center. All BGP routers in a data center should peer with local route reflectors and not with BGP routers on another fabric. Contrail Networking Release 5.1 supports interconnect of data centers that exist in different fabrics. Contrail Networking defines elements (spine switch and leaf switch) that belong to a data center.

A single Contrail Networking cluster can manage multiple data center pods that are composed of two-tier IP fabric. These data center pods are used to provision overlay layer 2 and layer 3 networking services as virtual networks and logical routers.

Contrail Networking automates the interconnection of logical routers (Layer 3 VRF) in each pod. A DCI object represents the extension of a logical router from one data center pod to another by using EVPN VXLAN Type 5 routes. These logical routers that are extended to the devices in each fabric are assigned DCI-Gateway role. The routing policies are configured on both pods to ensure EVPN type 5 routes are exchanged across the data center. For more information, see Creating Data Center Interconnect.


The gateway devices must support DCI-Gateway routing bridging role.