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Frequently Asked Questions About Contrail and Helm Charts


Starting in Contrail Release 1912.L1, Helm support is unavailable in Contrail Networking. The Helm support content in this document supports Contrail Networking Releases 1907 through 1912.

This topic presents frequently asked questions and answers about Contrail and Helm Charts.

How do I set up the vhost0 interface for the vrouter on the non-management interface of the compute node?


Some Contrail versions assume a single name for all of the non-management interfaces in your cluster.

If your non-management interface is eth1, in the contrail-vrouter/values.yaml set the contrail_env.PHYSICAL_INTERFACE to eth1 and set the contrail_env.VROUTER_GATEWAY to the IP address of the non-management gateway.

How do I configure the Contrail control BGP server to listen on a different port?

To configure a non-default BGP port, in the contrail-controller/values.yaml set the contrail_env.BGP to the desired port.

How can I pass additional parameters to services in Contrail by using the configuration file in INI format?

The following example configures the minimum_diskGB parameter for the node manager of the analytics database.

How do I configure services for the vrouter agent?

The following is an example configuration for the vrouter agent.

What are the Contrail services that can be configured?

Configurable services at this time include the following:

  • Configurable services for config node:


    • API


    • SCHEMA


  • Configurable services for control:


    • DNS


  • Configurable services for analytics:








    • Configurable services for database:


    • Configurable services for vrouter:



How can I pass additional parameters to the Contrail Web UI services a with configuration file in JS format?

Define the exact variable in the environment. Available configuration settings can be found in the source code, see .

How can I verify all pods of Contrail are up and running?

Use the following command to list all pods of Contrail.

How can I see the logs of each of the containers?

Contrail logs are stored under /var/log/contrail/ on each node. To check for the standard output (stdout) log for each container:

How can I enter into a pod?

Use the kubectl command.