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Bidirectional Forwarding and Detection Health Check for BGPaaS


Contrail Networking supports BFD-based health check for BGP as a Service (BGPaaS) sessions.

This health check should not be confused with the BFD-based health check over VMIs feature. The BFD-based health check for VMIs cannot be used for a BGPaaS session, because the session shares a tenant destination address over a set of VMIs, with only one VMI active at any given time.

When the BFD-based health check for BGP as a Service (BGPaaS) is configured, any time a BFD-for-BGP session is detected as down by the health-checker, corresponding logs and alarms are generated.

To enable this health check, configure the ServiceHealthCheckType property and associate it with a bgp-as-a-service configuration object. This can also be accomplished in the Contrail Web UI.