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Resolved Issues


This section lists limitations that are resolved with Contrail Networking Release 1912.L1.

  • CEM-13621 Kernel init script is not picking the running Kernel on the compute.

  • CEM-13593 In HA, only one alarmgen is handling all the UVEs.

  • CEM-13582 Neutron plug-in fails with aaa-mode request when first API from the list is down

  • CEM-13489 [RHOSP13 Multiple Kernel] 'contrail_config_api' keeps restarting with 'VncError' in logs.

  • CEM-13462 BGPaaS stops working when IDM is enabled.

  • CEM-13307 On Kernel vrouter compute, after flow scale perf test, agent crashes in rfEntry::DeleteTimeout.

  • CEM-13271 Post upgrade of dpdk compute node, agent-dpdk running on old images.

  • CEM-13268 Aqua Security vulnerabilities : contrail-public.

  • CEM-13267 Aqua Security vulnerabilities : external-analytic.

  • CEM-13266 Aqua Security vulnerabilities : contrail-multicloud.

  • CEM-13265 Aqua Security vulnerabilities : contrail-command.

  • CEM-13264 Aqua Security vulnerabilities : contrail-webui.

  • CEM-13263 Aqua Security vulnerabilities : Contrail base.

  • CEM-13220 Contrail Provisioning through contrail-command-deployer fails on 1912.36.

  • CEM-12997 contrail-deployers-containers do not have pinned python packages.

  • CEM-11421 Missing prefixes in vRouter forwarding table.