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New and Changed Features From Previous Contrail Cloud Releases


This section contains the new or changed features for the specified Contrail Cloud Release.

New and Changed Features in Contrail Cloud Release 13.0.2

The features listed in this section are new as of Contrail Cloud Release 13.0.2.

  • Contrail Networking 5.0.2 is now distributed with Contrail Cloud 13.0.2. Contrail Networking 5.0.2 provides many fixes for issues (especially around DPDK). See the Contrail Networking Release Notes.

  • Contrail Cloud is delivered through the Contrail Cloud Repository Satellite. The Contrail Cloud Installer script, activation key, satellite DNS name, and satellite organization information is provided through a request to

New and Changed Features in Contrail Cloud Release 13.0

The features listed in this section are new as of Contrail Cloud Release 13.0.

  • Support for Red Hat OpenShift Platform 13 based on OpenStack Queens with container-based deployment.

  • Support for containerized Contrail Networking Release 5.0.1.

  • Support for AppFormix Release 2.16.6.

  • Support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5.

  • Single master script “” can be used to launch the 8 playbooks needed for Contrail Cloud deployment.

  • Networking layout is simplified and unified by using the os-net-config syntax and utility.

  • Disk layout on control-hosts is simplified and fully configuration driven.

  • Configuration has a tree structure which provides better logical organization and allows fine-grained overrides of default values.

  • Virtual machine(VM) networking layout is now configured in control-host-nodes.yaml.

  • Virtual machine (VM) data traffic was moved from the “InternalAPI” network to the “Tenant” network by default.

  • Service user is changed to “contrail” on control-hosts, appformix-nodes, and jumphost.

  • MAC addresses are no longer needed in inventory file.

  • Support for predictable node placement for control plane VMs.

  • Controller fencing support is automatically enabled on HA environments without user intervention.

  • Single root input/output virtualization (SR-IOV) supported as a Beta feature.