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ETSI Design, Solution Components, and Dimensioning


The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) standards for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) management and orchestration (MANO) reference architecture and solution components are shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1: ETSI MANO Architecture and Components
ETSI MANO Architecture and Components

Contrail’s and Affirmed’s joint value proposition is an SDN solution that works with your existing physical network devices and help address the networking challenges for self-service, automated, and vertically integrated cloud architecture and improves scalability and capital expense (CapEx) inefficiencies through an overlay. All of the networking features such as switching, routing, security, and load balancing are moved from the physical hardware infrastructure to software running in the hypervisor that is managed from a central orchestration system. This allows the system to scale while keeping the costs of the physical switching infrastructure under control, as the switching hardware has no state of the virtual machines or tenant or application and is only involved in routing traffic from one server to another.

Figure 2 shows mobile network virtualized functions available from Affirmed Networks and Juniper Networks:

Figure 2: Affirmed Networks and Juniper Networks Supported NFV
Affirmed Networks and Juniper
Networks Supported NFV

Contrail Cloud 10.0 is sized for Small, Medium, and Large call models as shown below in table Table 1:

Table 1: Contrail Call Model Specifications

Call ModelCall Model 1SmallCall Model 2MediumCall Model 3Large

Total number of subscribers




Total throughput (Gbps)




Contrail Cloud 10.0 makes the following assumptions:


Number of clusters (per site)


CPU Class

Broadwell 2 CPUs, 14 cores per CPU, 2 vCPUs per core

NIC and Switching Technology

4x10GE using SRIOV

VM Personality

Compact (Small), VAS (Medium,Large)

% of 2G subscribers


% of 3G subscribers


% of 4G subscribers


Average traffic per subscriber (provided the mix of 2/3/4G above)

20 kbps

VoLTE penetration ratio

0% in call model 1, 50% in call models 2 and 3


Proxy services: No (ASM not used)

Mirroring: No

vProbe enabled

DPI enabled for 100 % of traffic

Header enrichment enabled

NAT : No