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Known Behavior

This section contains the known behavior and limitations in Contrail Cloud Release 10.0.

  • Sometimes, registering hosts against Juniper RH Satellite fails with the following error:
    Unable to find available subscriptions for all your installed products

    As a workaround, rerun the registration.

  • Appformix high availability configuration is not tested in the Contrail Cloud Release 10.0.
  • Sometimes, installation fails while trying to reach the DNS server. As a workaround, set the DNS configuration to a local DNS server and retry the deployment steps.
  • You must set the location for database_dir, analytics_data_dir, and ssd_data_dir for Contrail analytics to store Cassandra data, else Contrail analytics uses the default path for Cassandra; /var/lib/cassandra/.
  • You cannot use an underscore (_) character in the OSPD VM name.
  • Empty hypervisors are registered with Nova sometimes and must be manually removed for successful overcloud deployment.
  • The overcloudrc file must be copied to the jumphost manually, as a backup.
  • Ansible logs are displayed in stdout instead of the log files.

Modified: 2017-11-20