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Task 5: Manage cloud resource consumption using quotas in Contrail



In this task you will define quotas for resources in Contrail so that you can design and operate the cloud resources for multiple projects or tenants for optimal use.

Disclaimer: The steps in this task are only applicable to Juniper’s Cloud Software Trial tool.

Some values and/or information may vary for users executing this task using a non-Juniper trial tool.


Step-by-Step Procedure

  1. Open the Contrail web interface in the browser by navigating to Then, login to the Contrail dashboard using the below credentials.

    Username: admin

    Password: contrail123

    Domain: (leave blank)

  2. Once you are in the dashboard, click the “Configure” tab, shown by the purple wrench icon, located in the top left navigation panel

    Click on Infrastructure > Project Quotas, listed in the left navigation panel. Change the project to demo

  3. Now click on the “edit project quotas” icon located at the right top corner (below the search bar)

    Change the “Virtual Networks” quota from “Unlimited” to “1”

  4. Now navigate to Configure > Networking > Networks

    Click on the (+) icon on the right top corner to create a new virtual network.

    Name it “red- network” and choose a subnet range. Click “Save”.

    (In the example, a virtual network with “name=red-network” & subnet with CIDR block “” is created).

    The gateway will be automatically populated.

  5. Repeat above step to create a second virtual network with the name “green-network” and choose a different subnet range. Click “Save”.

    Since the quota for Virtual Networks was set to “1” for “demo” tenant, you will not be allowed to create more than ONE virtual-network in demo tenant

    Similarly, you can create quotas per tenant for different Contrail resources.

    NOTE: You will still be able to create more than ONE virtual network in other tenants