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Task 1: Advanced reporting and chargeback capabilities in AppFormix



Most cloud consumers typically fall into one of two groups: consistent or on-demand. A consistent user is one who uses cloud resources for longer periods of time (usually months or years), with predictable consumption patterns, making usage easy to track for budgeting and resource allocation purposes. Conversely, on-demand users utilize cloud resources sporadically, for shorter periods of time (usually hours or days), making usage harder to plan or budget for. In the end, however, clouds must be able to accommodate both types of users.

To gain better control over OpEx in the cloud, business units need a tool that can monitor and plan for resource allocation and usage without negatively affecting their budget. Juniper’s AppFormix features built-in showback, chargeback and cost optimization capabilities which provide a complete picture of how multicloud resources are being used, including compute, network, storage and infrastructure. Allowing the user to see everything from an aggregated report that shows all usage, to granular reports detailing how individual resources are being consumed over a specified period of time.

With the chargeback features, customized reports can be created to determine how resource usage should be billed—to the project itself or to individual departments. AppFormix generates a detailed invoice for the selected time periods and can be used by departments to get a chargeback on the resources that are not used or actively terminated—particularly useful where budgets are tight and transparency is required.