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Understanding the CBA750B 3G/4G Wireless WAN Bridge Requirements


Table 1 lists the requirements for deploying the CBA750B 3G/4G wireless WAN bridge.

Table 1: CBA750B 3G/4G Wireless WAN Bridge Deployment Requirements




Juniper Networks branch SRX Series Services Gateways.


  • Juniper Networks Junos OS Release 10.1R1 or later

  • Juniper Networks Junos OS Release Junos 12.1X47-D20 or later

  • CBA750B firmware 5.0 or later

Card Compatibility

Many USB and ExpressCard modems have been certified to work with the CBA750B.

Card Activation

Before cards can be used, they need to be programmed with the subscriber information required to access the service provider’s network. This is normally referred to as the card activation process. When a service is purchased, the carrier will request the card’s ESN number, normally found printed on the wireless card. This number is then used for card identification by the different activation protocols.

Cards directly purchased from the wireless carrier can ship preactivated or sometimes with a companion software used to perform the initial activation. In either case, cards that are already activated do not need to be reactivated.