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Setting the Remote ID from the Shelf View


Use this procedure to set the Remote ID on an existing port in the Shelf view.

This is supported on BTI7000 Series and BTI800 Series NEs only. For more information on Remote IDs, see Deriving topology using Remote IDs.


PSM connects to the NE using the login credentials that you supplied when you connected to the PSM server. Therefore this NE must be configured with those same login credentials for this procedure to be successful.

To use this procedure, the cards and ports must already be provisioned.

  1. To set the Remote ID on a port, right-click the port and choose Remote Id >Set Remote Port Id.

    The Set Remote Port ID dialog appears.

  2. Configure the Remote ID. See Remote ID Configuration for an explanation of the attributes.
  3. Click OK.Note

    If you select Bidirectional and you specify a Remote ID that cannot be reconciled, PSM will be unable to configure the remote endpoint, and the task will fail.


    The task might fail if you try to use this procedure on a card that has not been provisioned.