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Testing Network Element Connectivity


Use this procedure to check connectivity to a discovered network element. This procedure tests IP, SNMP, and NETCONF (where applicable) connectivity to the network element.

  1. Right-click the network element in the Network tree or in the Topology Map view and select Node >Connectivity Test.

    PSM pings the NE, and checks SNMP and NETCONF connectivity where applicable. You can see the results of the test through the View >Server >Tasks window.

    If the ping fails, PSM runs a traceroute command and displays the results. The traceroute task shows SUCCESS if the traceroute command can be run. A successful traceroute task does not mean that the destination is reachable. To see the results of the traceroute, click in the Details column of the task.


    PSM also runs this test automatically when log collection or NE database backup/restore fails. In this case, the results are provided in the logs.