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Modifying a Pseudowire Service


Modifying a service might affect the service or the data traffic running on the service.

A stranded or semi-stranded service cannot be modified. A stranded or semi-stranded service refers to a service that has incomplete configuration that results in the absence of end-to-end connectivity.

  1. In the Network tree view, expand the Pseudowire branch and double-click the service you want to modify.

    The selected service appears in the main panel.

  2. To modify the customer associated with this service, select a different customer in the Customer pulldown menu in the Service Attributes pane.
  3. To modify the TDM or physical interface settings, select Settings... for Interface A or Interface B as desired.
  4. Make changes to the Customer VLAN Priority, the PDV (Jitter Buffer), the Payload Size, and/or the physical interface attributes and click OK.
  5. After making all your changes, click Apply.