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Viewing the Network Elements Variants Graph


The variants graph in the Network Elements panel shows the network elements organized by network element type. This information allows the operator to quickly see the distribution of the types of network elements within the network.

  1. In the Network Elements pane on the proNX Service Manager Dashboard summary view, click the Variants tab.

    A graph showing the network element types and their quantities is displayed. If there is only one network element in a given type, the type is shown in the graph without the quantity displayed.


    This graph is updated periodically based on a configurable setting (see Changing the proNX Service Manager Dashboard Settings), or on a browser refresh. The default update period is 30 minutes.

  2. To view more details on a particular network element type, click on the type within the variants graph.

    A pop-up window appears showing information on the network element type selected.

  3. To copy the list of IP addresses, click the copy icon on the right.

    For example:

    The list of IP addresses is copied to the clipboard.