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Configuring Software Upgrades


If PSM encounters timeout errors when performing NE system software upgrades, then the system software upgrade timeouts and interval values may be increased to suit the needs of your network.


The timeout and interval values must only be changed under the guidance of Juniper Networks personnel. If you are experiencing software upgrade failures, contact Juniper Networks to determine the appropriate course of action.

  1. On the workstation where the PSM server is installed, open the file in directory /usr/local/ems9001/conf/ using a text-editing application, such as vi or view. Note

    The file contains many settings that affect the behaviour of the PSM server. Only those attributes explicitly described in this guide should be changed. Changing any other attributes may have unintended consequences, and must only be performed under the guidance of BTI support staff.

  2. Specify the timeout and interval settings. In the file, locate the following attributes and change them to meet the needs of your network.
  3. Save and close the file.
  4. To activate changes made to the file, restart the PSM server.