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Working with Optical/Transport Services and Topology Tables


PSM can display optical/transport services, optical/transport services per span, and optical/transport topology information in table format. These tables can be manipulated to show information in different forms, depending on the need.

Sorting the Tables

The tables can be sorted in the following ways:

  • To sort the tables by a column, click the column title.

  • To change the order (ascending or descending) of a column, click the column heading until the arrow shows ascending or descending order as desired.

  • To show or hide columns, right-click the table title bar and check the column names you want to show, and uncheck the column names you want to hide in the drop-down menu. Different tables have different column selections. Figure 1 shows the column selections for the optical topology table.

    Figure 1: Optical Topology Column Selection
    Optical Topology Column Selection

Filtering the Tables

The optical information tables behave as follows:

  • If there is no filtering applied, the window title reflects the table being displayed, for example "Optical Topology".

  • If a filter is applied, the title changes to indicate the presence of the filter, for example "Optical Topology (Filtered)".

  • Each time a new entity or filter is chosen, the previous filtering is cleared and the tables display the entries that pertain to the newly chosen criteria.

To filter the tables to show only a particular set of entries, right-click a cell in the column of the table that has the data you want to filter with, and choose the filter option Show only rows where to filter out (hide) all other entries from the table. In the following screen for the optical services per span table, the filter chosen is to show only entries using channel 230.


The View and Delete options in the right-click menu are not filtering options. View brings up the "Service Attributes" and "Service Details" panels, and Delete deletes the optical service.

To remove filtering, right-click any cell in the table and choose Show only rows where>No Filter.