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Changing the PSM Properties File


The /usr/local/ems9001/conf/ file is read on startup and contains parameters that control certain aspects of the PSM server behavior. This file is read-only and should not be modified by the user.

To make changes to the parameters specified in this file, modify the /var/local/ems9001/conf/ file instead. As the name suggests, the file overrides the settings in the file. On startup, the PSM server reads the first, and then the file.

The file typically contains only parameters that have different values from their equivalents in the file. If a parameter appears in both files, the parameter value in the file takes effect.


The /var/local/ems9001/conf/ file survives PSM server software upgrades. You do not need to manually reinstate the property changes after the upgrade.

The file and, by correlation, the file may contain both user-settable and system-level parameters that affect the behavior of the PSM server. Only those attributes explicitly described in this guide should be changed. Changing any other attributes may have unintended consequences, and must only be performed under the guidance of Juniper Networks Support.

All changes to the /var/local/ems9001/conf/ file should be tracked with Git. See Using Git to Track for information on how to do this.