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Identifying Services Associated with a Network Element


Use this procedure to determine the services that are associated with a network element.

proNX Service Manager allows the user to identify which services are associated with a network element, and copy the names of the services to a clipboard on their local drive. This feature is useful when alarms are raised against an NE and you want to identify which services are affected. It is also useful when performing maintenance on an NE to know which services the NE is part of to prevent a disruption of service.

  1. To identify the services that an NE is part of, right-click the NE in the Network tree or in the Topology Map view, and choose Select Services.

    The services that the NE is a member of are highlighted in the Services section of the Network tree view as shown in the following image. The first service highlighted in the tree view is also displayed in the Topology view.

  2. To copy the names of the services associated with an NE to a clipboard on your local drive, right-click one of the highlighted services in the Network tree view and choose Copy Name.
  3. Open the notepad or clipboard application on your local drive, and select paste.