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Changing the Background View


Use this procedure to change the background view in the topology window.


The background view is part of the replicated data set when running with multiple servers. For more information on replicated data, see Running Multiple Servers with Server Replication.

  1. To change map view elements, right-click anywhere on the background map to display the menu as shown.

  2. To change the default background map:
    1. Create a .gif, .jpg or .png image that you want as your background.

    2. Click Change Background in the menu shown above and navigate to the image you want as your background.

    3. Click Open. The new background image displays in the map view. The tool automatically saves the new image file in the backgrounds folder in your PSM Client installation directory chain.

  3. Changing the default background map might also require changing the default text color of the elements. To change the color of the text under each element in the map view:
    1. Click Change Label Color. The "Select New Label Color" window appears as shown.

    2. Choose a color category using the tabs Swatches, HSB or RGB.

    3. Click a text color and click OK. The text under each element in the map view changes to the selected color.

    4. To revert to the default text color, click Reset.