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Placing Sites on the Topology Map


The topology Map displays all sites that have latitude and longitude coordinates configured. Use this procedure to place unmapped sites onto the topology Map.

  1. Click on the Map icon in the left sidebar.

    The topology Map is displayed, showing existing sites and links between sites.

  2. Click on the Menu icon in the upper left corner of the topology Map.
  3. Select Create or Locate Site from the menu.

    A list of discovered network elements and sites is displayed.

  4. Scroll through and click on a site or network element and drag it onto the desired location on the topology Map.

    When you drag and drop a site, the site's coordinates are automatically updated to reflect the drop location.

    If you drag a network element to an empty spot on the Map, the network element is placed into a newly created site at the drop location, and the new site's name is automatically set to the name of the closest city or town, and the new site's coordinates are set to the drop location.

    If you drag a network element onto an existing site, the network element is placed into that site.


    To change a site's name or location, see Changing a Site's Attributes.


    All changes made are reflected in the PSM client as well.